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Anxiety Relief Jasmine Scented Bracelet- Multi-Symptom Relief for Menopause, Mood Enhancer (single)

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RELIEF OF ANXIETY, Depression, MENOPAUSAL SYMPTOMS with simple Acupressure and Jasmine Aromatherapy


DURING SYMPTOMS SIMPLY INHALE THE SCENT ON YOUR BAND. Deep breathes. Scent will fade in 1-4 weeks. Easily apply your own.

MADE IN THE USA. Our products feature VELCRO® Brand fasteners. Hook/Loop closure.

ACUPRESSURE POINT OPTIONS P7/H7/LU9 (between wrist bone and wrist crease) or P6/H6/LU8 (above wrist bone) USE WHICHEVER IS MOST COMFORTABLE.

EASY TO USE. Wear band on either wrist prior to/or during symptoms. Full directions and diagrams included with every purchase.


How does the Adjustable Pressure Point Aromatherapy Wristband Work?

This is a multi functional bracelet utilizing 3 different pressure points to help alleviate emotional imbalance, menopausal symptoms, irritability, mood, and fatigue with the ADDED benefits of Jasmine Fragrance Oils (stress, anxiety, menopause). Full diagram included with detailed information regarding pressure points. All points are on wrist crease area and easy to locate.

Pressure Point and Use Information

H7 aids to treat emotional imbalances, nervousness, anxiety, hyperactivity, palpitations, fear, and forgetfulness. In addition, it also helps to treat insomnia, irritability, stress and chest pain. This point also assists with relaxation. P7 relieves insomnia, stress, hot flashes (flushes), manic behavior, palpitations, sweating, stomach pain, and vomiting. LU9 relieves palpitations, stress headaches, nervousness, poor circulation, headache, migraine, neck rigidity, cough, asthma, sore throat, toothache and wrist pain. P6 relieves nausea, vertigo, motion sickness H6 relieves palpitations, perimenopause symptoms. LU8 is used for emotional well being. Certified medical banding manufactured in the USA. Double support closure. Hook and Loop closure/Metal Slide-on support loop. Hand wash and lay flat. Can be worn in wet and dry conditions. This is not a medical device and may not relieve symptoms for all people. Proper placement of the bead per pressure point is necessary for the band to be effective. If you are new to acupressure please be advised that it may take 1-7 days to locate the point that works best for you. Please be patient. If you need any assistance with your purchase please direct msg us or email us. All contact info is included with your purchase. Our products feature VELCRO® Brand fasteners. Smells great and helps!!

The Anxiety Relief Jasmine Scented Bracelet- Multi-Symptom Relief for Menopause, Mood Enhancer (single) is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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